My search for ways to effect the most change in the shortest time for body, mind, and spirit goes right back to basics – cleansing. In the lingo of wellness, the term detox is applied. General wisdom tells that it is essential to maintain vehicles, laundry, tools for carpentry and lawn care (you see where I’m going with this…) Why must we assume that when a body part is malfunctioning and sends messages of pain or discomfort that surgery or medication is “the fix”?


What if there is an amazing natural way to help flush toxins from the body- a product that can be used on the body and in the body (a good rule of thumb is to never use on the body anything you would not take in)?

Coconut oil is our natural gift, a product that tastes good for cooking, is anti-bacterial and anti-viral for skin and body (I even used a dollop swished in my mouth for relief of a sensitive tooth … voila!) It melts quickly and has enzymes that penetrate cells easily to allow nutrients and oxygen in for the cells to help detox from toxins and to repair themselves.

Since heavy metals from the environment and medications, petroleum products, stress, etc. have harbored in our cells, and they are treated as un-natural agents, how great that coconut knows how to release them! Do your own research and read and watch testimonials for incredible results for health issues from Alzheimer’s to thyroid issues to fatigue to weight loss.

Take a risk and get a little nutty – you so deserve it!