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things are not always apparent

I use a discovery method through muscle testing to find what the real source of an issue is.

Many different symptoms of problems surface in people’s lives: there is more than one approach to find and to address the problem – not just the symptoms. One person takes a pill for recurring back pain, another has surgery, another person looks for natural ways to treat the pain. What if there is a way to discover and to release the pain permanently? This is what I do with an Omni-Force session.

I have woven many years of research and training in fields of hypnotherapy, psychological kinesiology, energy vibration processes, and natural health into a process called Omni-Force. This is the beautiful blended result that I now offer in a package of ‘Power Tools for Life Transformation’. With these combined tools, I use a discovery method through muscle testing (the body knows its truth) to find what the real source of an issue is. Following this, techniques are used that release trapped negative emotions which are creating pain or imbalances in the body. I use and teach processes that bridge the left and right brain hemispheres for deep relaxation and focus to help with memory, stress, and clarity.

Hypnosis is the key piece to helping people find their own answers as they explore their subconscious minds, with suggestion and guided visualization. Using several types of hypnosis, I guide clients through clinical and life issues, as well as a very special journey through Quantum Healing Hypnosis. I use magnetic vibrational release, intuitive energy healing techniques with tones, colors, and essential oils. I am also able to teach clients how to use these tools to create their own better health, habits and lives.

What Is An Omni Force Session?

Your one-time (yes, ONE time) session of four to five hours with me begins with a ‘laundry list’ of issues/problems that you compose before you ever come to my office. These problems cover all aspects of your life – from relationship problems that keep repeating (different cast, same story), to phobias, to addictions, to health issues, to negative behavior patterns, to “Why did my parents always treat my brother better?”…

What To Expect When You Get Here

When you arrive, we will then get the ‘help’ that we need to help thread the “aha’s” together, and watch for wonderful changes to happen throughout your ‘laundry list’. My unique one-time session lasts 4 to 5 hours and has powerful results for changing Many Issues at once. Many areas of your life can now change and are open to change.

As most people spend their lives walking around “the elephant in the room” struggling with a variety of problems, this process helps to pinpoint the target issue/s that all the negative symptoms and patterns relate to. I also provide a $0.99¢ follow-up visit in which we plot results and tweak the strategies. I can also make references of successful clients available. I realize this process sounds phantasmagorical to most so I ask you to please check out my hypnosis testimonials.


Ask About My Remote Sessions!

Believe it or not, you don’t actually have to always be present when participating in my flavor of Quantum Hypnosis. A wide variety of issues can be resolved across the Atlantic and I’m even able to perform work on behalf of yourself and others. Working remotely can be just as effective as being there in person can be. So, if you can’t come to me, shoot me an email and let’s see if I can come to you! 

Learn More

I went to Phyllis to do a Quantum session. With hypnosis, Phyllis helped me to go back to the reason I had asthma. I found it, and she asked that I release it. I did this and after the session was over, I drew in my first deep breath in 44 yrs. I have had so many small experiences since. I had been so allergic to animals (usually I have to leave within about 3-5 minutes cause I’m so bad allergic to them), but when I went Saturday to a friend’s for supper and they have a cat, as it happens I stayed for 4 hrs and never once did my eyes itch, or did I get stopped up, or have an asthma attack – which always comes with cats. WOW I have told a few people about my experience and I will have 2 more customers for you soon. So all is good for now. I am so thankful for everything that I have seen and what I went through with this session. I cant wait to do it again. I will always be grateful for you. You are a very powerful woman and I feel like I have gained a friend in you.