Breaking Groundhog Day

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Quantum Hypnosis is a unique ‘clean . out . the . closet’ approach to change your life.

A lot of different symptoms of problems surface in our lives: there is more than one approach to find and to address the target issue of a problem. With Omni-Force sessions I weave together many years of research and training in various fields of hypnosis, psychological kinesiology, energy vibration therapies, and natural health, to help you find your own answers and make your own changes – quickly. I show you the critical connection between detoxifying the body, the mind, and the emotions for total healing in your life.

Do you just want to stop this habit…or do you want to change your life?

I might ask you in your session, “Do you just want to stop this habit…or do you want to change your life?” And we work with your choice! I use a discovery method with your muscle-nerve response to find the real source of an issue. Then we use the best techniques to release trapped negative emotional energies which are causing pain or imbalance in your body. I use and teach processes that bridge your left and right brain hemispheres for deep relaxation and focus to help with memory, stress, and pain.

Traditional hypnosis is the centerpiece of my Omni-Force process, a method of relaxing deeply, like walking around in a daydream to explore your mind and to reprogram your mind with a better GPS. The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is a unique ‘clean-out-the-closet’ approach to search, discover, and change your life. You will take an incredible journey and find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had — now everything makes sense!