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The Somnambulistic trance state is the ignition for Quantum Hypnosis.

When I speak of Somnambulistic, I simply mean that this is the type of hypnosis in which the client is in a deep state of trance; they could almost appear to be sleeping. As humans, we normally only experience this type of state twice on a daily basis. The first time is when we are in that area of ‘dreamy’ right before we wake up in the morning and the second is that space just before we fall off to sleep at night. During both of these periods, our brain frequency is accentuated to the point that we are able to ‘tune in’ at a much higher rate than normal

By tapping into the Subconscious, we’re able to ascertain depths of knowledge unavailable during waking hours.

By tapping into the Subconscious, which is a portion of the mind that exists in a sub-level, we are then able to ascertain depths of knowledge unavailable during waking hours. When this energy is used, powerful, all-knowing information is then able to be tapped into. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, culture, age and predisposition, the subconscious always remains the encyclopedia brittanica of the mind.

Using a unique induction technique, the subconscious (or super conscious) is called in and the conscious is temporarily put on hold and asked to come back later. Think of the subconscious as a part of you that is elevated above the level of your conscious mind. In the same respect, the subconscious knows an individual in their entirety and is aware of all aspects of their life, including the past, present and future. Therefore, since the client is not normally in touch with their subconscious, it is the trained Quantum Hypnotist who retrieves the information on behalf of the client. Of importance is the fact that the client will only share information that will help them and is only appropriate for them to divulge.

P.W. • Shreveport, La.
I saw Phyllis for a quantum transformation hypnosis session to address some anxiety issues. I was grinding my teeth and chewing on my tongue and cheeks in my sleep, frequently having difficulty expressing myself verbally (“biting my tongue”!), struggling with embarrassing problems in the bedroom, and not always managing my time efficiently either at work or at home. ALL of these issues have cleared up since my Quantum (Hypnosis) session with Phyllis.
Phyllis immediately put me at ease with her warm, gentle demeanor. I felt safe and comfortable opening up about the most private details of my life even before we began the actual hypnosis. Once I was in the trance, she was able to guide me back to key episodes and periods in my life that were all contributing in some way to my anxiety. Read the rest…

Sherry S. • Shreveport, La.
I found Transformations during a critical time in my life. I was desperate for help to find the desire to live again. I believed in my bones if there was any hope for me it would be through “alternative” medical therapy. Phyllis spoke with me over the phone to schedule an appointment and I felt relieved, someone wanted to really help me for the first time. I went to that appointment and laid all my inhibitions at her open arms. I participated fully and maintained an open mind and faith for hope. Upon leaving my appointment, I felt so energized and level headed and could not wipe the smile off my face. Every time I leave Phyllis’ office I feel clear minded and re-focused. The transformation and hypnosis therapies have allowed me to release fears and negative thoughts. Read the rest…