I Change Lives

stories of real people

Diane • Sedona, Az.
I recently had the pleasure of working with Phyllis Barrington for the first time.  I had scheduled an extended session, but did not expect to receive her full attention and efforts for nearly seven hours!  Using a variety of techniques, we worked on emotional issues that have troubled me for decades.  At the end of the day, I felt lighter, happier, and even a bit taller!  Then to add even more value to the experience, Phyllis spent another couple of hours with me a few days later, working on locking in the new energies and thought patterns.  Phyllis is truly a gifted healer with a dedication to service. I highly recommend her loving attention!”

W.B. • Bossier City, La.
I’m still smoke-free, thank goodness, and have really not had any problem with craving…everybody here at work is amazed that I’m not running outside – and I’ve found some extra “time” in my day to get things done at work. Don’t know how or why this works, but if it can make me stop smoking like it did, then you have my seal of approval! I didn’t think anything would make me stop smoking…I was not dead set on stopping when I came to see you, but it worked anyway!!

E. Stone • Longview, Tx.
One of Phyllis’s strengths is her ability to ask great questions to identify target issues. Then she listens really well to guide the session so that we can see for ourselves. Her intuitive nature makes her a natural with this type of work. EVERYTHING changed after my session because now I  “get it”  and I can move on!

A.V. • Shreveport, La.
I was hopeful that the Bach Flower Essences that Phyllis blended for me would help with my anxiety, but was I ever surprised when my IBS symptoms also disappeared!!”

Joan W. • Texarkana, Ark.
I have noticed that I am not eating as much. If I order something, I am only eating a third, stopping without any problem. It even surprises meat times. I do not seem to crave bread or pasta as in the past.

Janice • Magnolia, Ark.
I didn’t know how much my eating habits and my diet sodas were hurting me till I lost all that weight and feel SO much better!Thanks,Phyllis

W. Ford • Arcadia, La.
I feel 1000% better! I feel in touch with my inner child for the first time. I can stand in a shower now and allow the water to flow over my face without feeling like I am drowning or panicking…
When thoughts about my abuse issue try to come through, I replay throwing that bag of garbage in the river and watching it disappear over the dam — and it’s GONE.I have more confidence in myself, my energy level has improved, and I have risen from the darkness of depression. I’m eating healthy…I feel at peace.

Connie S. • Longview, Tx.
While I was getting hypnotherapy with Ms. Barrington, I began to use the bed that she has in her office. I noticed that my muscles began to really relax and my restless legs calmed down. I don’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed, and my legs were CALM! I have completed most of my hypnosis sessions, but I will keep using the Far Infrared bed. It helps me sleep at night!

Will E. • Shreveport, La
As a professional athlete, I often have muscle sprains, pains and various issues. The FarInfrared bed is a major help to me. It helps my body heal fast and that gets me back in the game – it works.

Joan • Shreveport, La.
I was tired of hurting and ready to sleep at night, and I am thrilled with the help I got at Transformations!

Dave M. • Plain Dealing, La.
Goodbye Cigarettes, Hello Life! I was on oxygen– hooked up to “that tank” and limited in ALL of my choices and left out of my own life. I now feel free and confident that my body will heal quickly- I’ll never take my breath for granted again! Thanks Phyllis

Georgia B. • Shreveport, La.
I LOVE cruises, but after each one, it took longer and longer to “get my landlegs” again. Well — three sessions of hypnotherapy followed by another cruise, and now things are just fine!

W. Bell • Henderson, Tx.
I feel that a lot more at peace with myself and my own personal past. In a way, I believe that I have “turned a corner” in my life. For the moment, at least, my hair pulling has subsided. I no longer feel a need to pull out my hair. I hope this trend lasts for this condition has substantially effected my life in many negative ways. With light and happiness, the kind which I have not felt in such a long time, it seems asif the troubles and trials of my past no longer have a negative hold on me. I feel as if my soul is open and ready to experience real life again. I can’t explain how these services work but the effects are very real and life changing.

Mark B. • Shreveport, La.
I’ve lost 75 pounds and I am a new man – What more can I say? IT WORKS!

Catherine Smith • Carthage, Tx.
Phyllis, Thank you tremendously for your help in getting me on my way to recovery with this sore throat. It was so sweet of you to answer my FB post that morning and offer to help me. My doctor was not available and now I’m glad she wasn’t. You saved me by helping me over the phone with your Hypnosis and energy work. Placing the phone down and on speaker … relaxing me as you talked to me and using your Far Infrared wand over your throat where mine was hurting was amazing. I had so much faith in you and now I’m a believer and will call upon you for help again. Results were there and I recommend anyone to come to you for help. So glad you have the natural power of healing with energy from miles and miles away, not even in the same room. It is incredible.

W.T.G. • Shreveport, La.
I’m a male in my mid-40s. I’ve suffered from alcohol addiction for my entire adult life. The issue has progressively gotten worse as time passed.  It has gotten to a point recently that carrying on with what one would consider a “normal” life is in question. I lived to drink regardless of who or what was effected.  I was interested in a full- spectrum hypnotherapy treatment.
Phyllis’ Approach:
 Phyllis not only addressed the issue of drinking, but the underlying reasons for the drinking. She identified “why” I used to drink. I was seeking refuge. But, refuge from what? She dug deeper to address the things in my past and present that were the underlying problems. Many of these issues were things I didn’t really think about. But, they were affecting my daily life.
The Session:
 Phyllis is wonderful at putting a person at ease. She is completely non-judgmental and easy to talk to. She walks one through the session (about 5 hours) in what seemed like a fraction of that time. It’s incredible. I was provided with a better alternative of “refuge” when need be.
Preliminary Results:
 I’ve lived through my first sober weekend in many, many years! Now, this may not seem like much of an accomplishment. But, before I didn’t think I could “live” without a drink. Now, I know better.  I was made aware that this is an end in a sense (end of drinking). But, more importantly this is a beginning. I was shown a number of techniques in daily affirmations.
Hypnosis Technique:
 While under hypnosis, one is completely aware of what is happening. I was not “out of it” or felt out of control at any time. I was simply in a very relaxed state with an extremely clear mind – free of distractions. I was gradually placed under hypnosis and gradually withdrawn. There is a feeling of euphoria directly afterwards. It was a great experience. Thank you Phyllis!!