You can now begin to

Live By Choice | Not By Chance



An uncommon session
in which the client passes
through multiple realms
to quickly ascertain
inherent issues
which would not be forthcoming

We will then get the ‘help’ that we need to help thread the “aha’s” together, and watch for wonderful changes to happen throughout your ‘laundry list’.

My unique one-time  session lasts 4 to 5 hours and has powerful results for changing MANY issues at once. As most people spend their lives walking around “the elephant in the room” struggling with a variety of problems, this process helps to pinpoint the target issue/s that all the negative symptoms and patterns relate to. I also provide a $1.00 follow-up visit in which we plot results and tweak the strategies. I can also make references of successful clients available. Many areas of your life can now change and are open to change.

I realize this process sounds phantasmagorical to most so I ask you to please check out my hypnosis testimonials.