“What am I supposed to be doing? What’s wrong with me? How do I figure out my true purpose? How do I get un-stuck?”

All of these are very common questions that most of my clients include on their shopping list for help when they show up for an initial session. Many have exhausted the options that they, and ‘helpful’ friends and family members offered up, and have surrendered to a familiar, monotone, blah life routine. Others have masked the pain or filled voids with alcohol or drugs (legal or illegal), and settled for a less-than life.

Desperation prompted by suggestion from a friend or family member, or a google search—all of these are typical reasons for the phone call or email of surrender! I have many emergency clients who call (or just show up saying they’ve tried everything, “So what do I have to lose?” Hypnosis (spelunking in the caves of the mind and emotions) has not traditionally been the go-to protocol for change, but it works—fast and effectively.

There is golden memory almost everyone can recall, of how we spent our most joyful childhood hours. By reflecting on HOW we thought and played, rather than WHAT we played, we can more easily create a plan for our lives built on our real passion. It may involve creating a job for yourself, volunteering in a new-to-you arena, and stepping out of your comfort zone. Just begin with what you already love! I help my clients to simplify…Simple is not easy!

We discover our ultimate passion through the process of elimination. We know at some point on the journey what we DO NOT want to do, and we get tired of pretending. If and When we finally surrender, we can follow our passion journey. Often when we later look back, we see that we just needed some tweaks, more clarity, and a big dose of Joy! We’ve been living our true purpose all along!

Phyllis Barrington

Phyllis Barrington

I ‘tune-in’ to the energy field which assists my clients’ in finding truths to discover blocks & hidden spaces. Using Omni-Force Tools For Life, I guide you on an emotionless journey past your pain & prepare you for re-entry as you release the negative in your life. Register for my Free Online Omni Force Course & Find me on Facebook!