An Uncommon Session

in which the client passes through multiple realms

The Enigma Of Passing Through Multiple Realms


In order to explain what it is that I actually do, allow me start here: Of course my training is focused primarily in hypnosis; actually, clinical hypnosis. Clinical hypnosis simply means that I involve therapeutic techniques and emotional responses into the sessions. In effect, I am saying that I am not a stage hypnotist. Throughout the past 9 years of practice, it’s been extremely common for circumstances to slap me in the face and force me to rethink the process that I am practicing daily. Not that the process of hypnosis does not work. It does work and I have accumulated mounds of data and follow-ups to verify that it’s not merely ‘hocus pocus’ or guesswork.


What has been occurring in my hypnotherapist practice is quite simply this…

1) Ann comes to me with a request that she really wants/needs to quit smoking. She informs me that I am her last stop after trying pharmaceuticals, nicotine gum, willpower and her doctors orders.

Ann and I spend about an hour together prior to the actual session and I get to know her and make note of her responses. Not all of these responses come to me verbally; I will now incorporate other ‘tools’ which I have picked up along the route and use a few. The way that I know to either use a tool or not is that I am an intuitive ‘listener’. I have trained myself to listen to what people are telling me verbally, physically and emotionally and then at some point, I step outside of myself.

During the process of removing ‘me’ from the equation, I am then able to ‘hear’ the instructions as to what this particular person is in need of and then, I am given the remedy.

What this process has done for me and my clients is twofold: I have been able to take an existing problem and hone it down over a much shorter period of time than would normally occur. Also, during this process, I am able to clear emotional blocks that are inhibiting and restricting the client from achieving complete success. The result has been a phenomenal increase in unblocking trauma, trapped emotions and unworthiness that I would never have been able to discover for one simple reason. The reason is that my clients are also totally unaware of these blockages!

I have learned that we all carry baggage around on our travels through life. It’s often buried so deep within our DNA that we would have to be a quantum physicist working in tandem with a psychic in order to uncover it. I am able to ‘tune in’ to these frequencies quickly, and just like a detective, I shock clients time after time when I ask them what occurred in their lives at the age of 7. When we are able to unblock a few of these traumatic events that they are carrying around, we can then work on the issue at hand. At that point, the blocks and walls have been torn down enough so that the body can open itself to healing.

I’ve been on disability for a long time now with chronic back pain and several epileptic seizures daily. I can’t tell if it was the hypnosis, the electrical stimulator machine, or the FarInfrared bed, but my seizures have stopped, and my back pain – way less! Update – I’m back at work now!

Mike T.

Shreveport, La.

I feel 1000% better! I feel in touch with my inner child for the first time. I can stand in a shower now and allow the water to flow over my face without feeling like I am drowning or panicking…
When thoughts about my abuse issue try to come through, I replay throwing that bag of garbage in the river and watching it disappear over the dam — and it’s GONE.I have more confidence in myself, my energy level has improved, and I have risen from the darkness of depression. I’m eating healthy…I feel at peace.

W. Ford

Arcadia, La.

U.S. definition for a hypnotherapist

The U.S. (Department of Labor) Directory of Occupational Titles
(D.O.T. 079.157.010) supplies the following definition:
Hypnotherapist – Induces hypnotic state in client to increase motivation or alter behavior pattern through hypnosis. Consults with client to determine the nature of problem. Prepares client to enter hypnotic states by explaining how hypnosis works and what client will experience.