The Hypnosis Manifesto

in three short paragraphs

Does Hypnosis Always Work?

There are no guarantees with hypnosis. However, with a strong will to create the changes you want, the willingness to take part and openness to hypnosis as an alternative, changes can happen rather quickly compared to other methods of psychotherapy.

As featured in The Psychotherapy Journal of the American Psychiatric Association, a review of 2,000 psychotherapy literatures were surveyed by Dr. Alfred Barrios in 1970 with the following findings regarding hypnotherapy versus other forms of therapy. Dr. Alfred Barrios indicated the following recovery rates:



It is important to note that these are average numbers and should not really be interpreted to suggest that every condition can be helped in 6 hypnotherapy sessions or less. Indeed, some would be overcome in a great deal less time and likewise, some may require more.





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