Detours Along The Road You Travel

smoking, weight, trauma, physical pain, detox, unanswered questions…

I am the ‘last resort’ for a lot of my clients.

Very few of us breeze through life without being personally involved. Hopefully we have enough fun and joyful experiences to balance out the pain, trauma, and stress, to keep us going. Well, just as we make different selections in a restaurant, we ‘choose’ different hangups or problems in our lives. These problems with smoking, weight, procrastination, memory, pain, trauma, health, and countless others are all only symptoms of underlying target issues. Sometimes we brush off the subtle messages from our body and mind to slow down, until the body takes charge and makes us pay attention!

I am the ‘last resort’ for a lot of my clients. I even had one client walk in unannounced and tell me, “Lady, I hope you can help me with this pain, because if you can’t I’m going to buy a gun!” His words as he left that day without pain of neuropathy – I haven’t felt this good in six months; I’m going to ride my bike!”

Hypnosis is detoxification for the mind and emotions, helping with release of the old so that new ideas and habits can replace them. Detox of the body is crucial to good health as well, and I have processes and equipment to help reverse health issues and let you heal yourself.