You Are Not An Accident

intention is the beginning of discovery

Irecently read an article that stated in effect that when you see a homeless person on the street you would instantly know that something went terribly wrong in their lives. I totally disagree with that assumption. It’s not up to me to decide whether or not that person is living the life that they should be, regardless of my or societies approval.

Let’s assume for a second, that in the big scheme of things, this person is living out their souls purpose and that purpose is simply to touch the lives of other homeless people. Let’s also assume that in that process, an additional component of that life is to experience humility in it’s staunchest form. If our assumptions are correct, then that soul has taken on a monumental undertaking.

Life can be really simple if we allow it.

Each and every one of us has a purpose in life,  but often I meet people that are convinced that their purpose is something other than what they do daily. It’s similar to the person who undergoes hypnosis in order to find out about past lives and is so disappointed to find that they were not sitting on the throne of a royal family at some point in the past!

Your soul’s purpose does not need to be so monumental that it’s unachievable. For most of us, the surprise may come in an extremely simplistic form, such as spending a lifetime surrounded by the elderly in order to learn patience or compassion. Life can be really simple if we allow it.