Phyllis is love. Her magic is the Universe’s soothing touch. Infinite, and infinitely healing, making one whole. She gave so generously, over the phone! and it worked. Not only did she splash right into to my present vibration and past life root causes, she glided effortlessly through clear specific incidences which had created a heart wall, trapped emotions, depression, even shock. She is so authentic, southern and polite; one couldn’t feel more comfortable with an old friend. But this friend, this healer, bringing powerful healing from the Angelic realm, nails it, hits on very specific dates and details of my life, the import of which I had forgotten. With her, I remembered how strongly I was impacted, then she removed “it” and waited for me to feel “it.” And I did. You will, also.

Phyllis is a true healer, intuitive, and empath. She is acute, incisive, and takes away the pain. I am deeply appreciative for the removal of feeling unworthy, depressed and in shock from a severe auto accident and 15 surgeries. And, from an event in a past life (she stated 41, for age of trauma in past life. I was also that age when my life was drastically altered this lifetime!) Find her and feel how good it feels to let go. Sometimes we all just need a little help. For me Phyllis’ help was revelatory. I must also mention that when we first met, her hands “cooled” the nerves coming out of my spine and I was free of flares for over two weeks, when previously I’d only felt well for two days in a row, before becoming symptomatic. To Phyllis’ amazing prowess, humbleness and ability to transmute through the power of LOVE! I’m flare free today; she released blocks from me last night, over the phone. I simply breathed placing my awareness on bodily and psycho-spiritual responses as things released. She provided me with visualizations which are powerful. I see hope. I see potential. New fresh life! Thank you Phyllis for being a true Lightworker. Love and gratitude…

Christine Maynard

Natchitoches, La.

I found Transformations during a critical time in my life. I was desperate for help to find the desire to live again. I believed in my bones if there was any hope for me it would be through “alternative” medical therapy. Phyllis spoke with me over the phone to schedule an appointment and I felt relieved, someone wanted to really help me for the first time. I went to that appointment and laid all my inhibitions at her open arms.

I participated fully and maintained an open mind and faith for hope. Upon leaving my appointment, I felt so energized and level headed and could not wipe the smile off my face. Every time I leave Phyllis’ office I feel clear minded and re-focused. The transformation and hypnosis therapies have allowed me to release fears and negative thoughts.

I am a new, whole person and have never felt such happiness and confidence in myself.
I recommend Phyllis to anyone I know who would benefit from these therapies and have complete faith in positive outcomes through Phyllis’ work. Transformations has really changed my life and I have the ability to enjoy myself and my life once again!

Sherry S.

Shreveport, La.

I saw Phyllis for a quantum transformation hypnosis session to address some anxiety issues. I was grinding my teeth and chewing on my tongue and cheeks in my sleep, frequently having difficulty expressing myself verbally (“biting my tongue”!), struggling with embarrassing problems in the bedroom, and not always managing my time efficiently either at work or at home. ALL of these issues have cleared up since my Quantum (Hypnosis) session with Phyllis. Phyllis immediately put me at ease with her warm, gentle demeanor. I felt safe and comfortable opening up about the most private details of my life even before we began the actual hypnosis. Once I was in the trance, she was able to guide me back to key episodes and periods in my life that were all contributing in some way to my anxiety. 

I waited a few months to write this testimonial, and I’m glad I did. My experiences since seeing Phyllis have confirmed for me the healing she enabled me to bring about in myself. Thanks to her, I now know, understand, and LIKE myself better and am able to remain calm in stressful situations, to speak up for myself when appropriate, to control what were formerly unconscious reactions in my body, and to maintain the right balance of work, pleasure, and rest in my life.


Shreveport, La.

I found Phyllis Barrington by calling around town looking for someone who does foot spas. The minute I heard Phyllis’s voice on the phone, I knew she was special. I started with routine visits weekly using the spa and then I began to use the infra-red heat bed, which is a modern miracle all by itself, and lastly I started hypnosis to lose weight through mental lap band surgery. It wasn’t the weight on my body that I was carrying around that posed the problem but the baggage of my past years, that was the problem. All of this came out during my hypnosis sessions.

Alex Pullman

Bossier City, La.

Phyllis Barrington does a wonderful job inducing hypnosis, even on hardheads like me!

Linda Bethea

Greenwood, La.

Wonderful page. So pleased to have found you and worked with you – I’m still receiving wonderful success every day…

Beverly Buttram-Claussen

Modesto, Ca.

I have noticed I am not as stressed as I was before seeing you. I cannot thank you enough. You got answers that therapists never could.

Shawnee Fulghum

Elysian Fields, Tx.

The Far Infrared Bed has really made a difference by reducing the intensity of my Reynaud’s Syndrome. I find that my hands and feet are far less chilled all the time, and I can now reach into my freezer with my bare hands! Before I had to use a glove or some covering to protect my fingers from the frostbite-like pain of handling anything cold. Even holding a chilled can or cup was too painful for my fingertips.Now…I don’t even think about it…I just pick up anything that is cold!!!


Blanchard, La.

I did an all day session with her. It was an extraordinary experience to say the least. Her gifts and dedication spoke for themselves. The next day I felt giddy; laughing and giggled all day long. I didn’t really feel the full impact of the work we did until a few weeks later when I called her to tell her I felt different somehow….like I was hard of heart. She explained that this was not the case. What I was feeling was not my old “soft hearted” self; the one where I would be self-effacing but my new strong “authentic self”. Wow! I have been more discerning and loving but with a stronger tendency to respond with more inner strength than to react to circumstances that come my way.

Thank you Phyllis for your loving work and presence.


Sedona, Az.

One of the greatest experiences I had this year was working with Phyllis Barrington. If you want to actually make positive changes in your life, and not just resolutions, give her a call and schedule an appointment. Phyllis is one of the most loving and caring people I have ever met. She is an outstanding hypnotherapist, and she empowers others to live a more meaningful, joyful, and loving life! I can’t recommend her enough. Life transformations with Phyllis is a profound method of soul journeying to reach heightened states of awareness and begin unraveling the layers of accumulated life baggage. Phyllis is a hard worker and determined to home in higher energy to help guide her through to the core of a seeker’s manifested pain. Healer extraordinaire. Modern shaman. Gentle and persistence….gets results.

James David Wade

Natchitoches, La.

I was absolutely terrified during thunderstorms; I would run and hide under the bed. Thanks to Phyllis’s Bach drops, I don’t feel the need to hide anymore. I can deal with the storm.

Taco Bell

Shreveport, La.

I went to Phyllis to do a Quantum session. With hypnosis, Phyllis helped me to go back to the reason I had asthma. I found it, and she asked that I release it. I did this and after the session was over, I drew in my first deep breath in 44 yrs. I have had so many small experiences since. I had been so allergic to animals (usually I have to leave within about 3-5 minutes cause I’m so bad allergic to them), but when I went Saturday to a friend’s for supper and they have a cat, as it happens I stayed for 4 hrs and never once did my eyes itch, or did I get stopped up, or have an asthma attack – which always comes with cats. WOW I have told a few people about my experience and I will have 2 more customers for you soon. So all is good for now. I am so thankful for everything that I have seen and what I went through with this session. I cant wait to do it again. I will always be grateful for you. You are a very powerful woman and I feel like I have gained a friend in you.

Angi M.

Marshall, Tx.

My doctor was not available and now I’m glad she wasn’t.You saved me $50 bucks by helping me over the phone with your Hypnosis and energy work. Placing the phone down and on speaker…relaxing to you talking to me and using your wand over your throat where mine was hurting was amazing! I had so much faith in you and now I’m a believer and will call upon you for help again. Results were there and I recommend anyone to come to you for help. So glad you have the natural power of healing with energy from miles and miles away, and not in the same room. It is incredible!

Catherine Smith

Carthage, Tx.

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