Henry P. • Marshall, Tx.
Seventy pounds lighter and everything in my life has changed – this hypnosis stuff works!

Diane G. • Shreveport, La.
When I stepped on the scale today, 8 pounds gone!! WaaHoooo! And it wasn’t even hard, thanks to you!

Jean B. • Shreveport, La.
All I can tell you is that I used the special bed three times, and MY HIP DOESN’T HURT ANYMORE!

Catherine Smith • Carthage, Tx.
Phyllis, Thank you tremendously for your help in getting me on my way to recovery with this sore throat. It was so sweet of you to answer my FB post that morning and offer to help me. My doctor was not available and now I’m glad she wasn’t. You saved me by helping me over the phone with your Hypnosis and energy work. Placing the phone down and on speaker … relaxing me as you talked to me and using your Far Infrared wand over your throat where mine was hurting was amazing. I had so much faith in you and now I’m a believer and will call upon you for help again. Results were there and I recommend anyone to come to you for help. So glad you have the natural power of healing with energy from miles and miles away, not even in the same room. It is incredible.

D. Wilson • Bossier City, La.
I have needed to detox because of my chemo. After doing research,I have chosen the FarInfrared Bed that Phyllis has at her business, Transformations. It is the easiest and best detox I have ever used. I am grateful to have this available to me, especially because these beds are usually only found in larger cities than Shreveport-Bossier!

Terry R. • Shreveport, La.
When I decided to try the Bach Essences with the stray kitty that I adopted, I was amazed at the change! The shy kitten that would not come out from behind the bed, on the third day jumped up in my lap and purred.I’m sold.

Ami H. • Bossier City, La.
I had a bad sunburn from a long weekend at the lake.Who would have thought the FIR bed would really help my painful sunburn heal faster and NOT peel ?

Doris G. • Shreveport, La.
I still feel taller when I look at the ground; it looks further away than before…also feel much lighter…my head isn’t full and heavy…feel calmer and more comfy in my own skin … like I am finally where I belong.

S.S. • Shreveport, La.
I want you to know that between the hypnosis session on weight control that I had with you and the Hypnosis CD that I listen to, I have to make myself remember to eat!

Virginia Mizell-Andries • Bossier City, La.
I had been suffering with bad heel pain for 6 months from a condition called Plantar Fasciitis. It’s an inflammation in the Plantar Fascia which connects the heel to the toes and creates the arch. I was told by my Podiatrist that it could last up to 2 years after treatment was started. Which involved anti-inflammatory meds, cold packs and expensive orthodontics in my shoes. No sandals, house slippers or bare feet. No improvement yet, nothing was helping.

I had sought help from Phyllis for other issues and when she found out about my heel pain, she said lets see what we can do with that. She put me in her infra-red bed, used some kind of wands on my foot and one other technique before she was done with me. I woke up the next morning with NO pain in my heel and that was over a month ago. The inflammation is completely gone for good. Bless you Phyllis for all of your wonderful healing, inside and out.

Robin B. • Bossier City, La.
Dance is my love and my career. After long practices, I would find myself in need of a massage. I could not always get an appointment. But now, with the results I am getting from the Far Infrared bed I don’t need as many massages – my body responds to the healing and relaxation of the bed. And, I’m getting a full-body detox! It’s great!

Mike T. • Shreveport, La.
I’ve been on disability for a long time now with chronic back pain and several epileptic seizures daily. I can’t tell if it was the hypnosis, the electrical stimulator machine, or the FarInfrared bed, but my seizures have stopped, and my back pain – way less! Update – I’m back at work now!

Steve C. • Shreveport, La.
I keep coming back for refills of my “Courage Formula” of Bach Flower Essences.It helps to support my acting career by maintaining my confidence.

M. Lewis • Shreveport, La.
I have had circulatory and gastrointestinal problems for many years. I have tried many types of treatments with little results. After having just a few treatments at Transformations I have seen remarkable improvement. I can highly recommend their many services to anyone… Far Infrared bed is amazing!

Mary R. • Abileen, Tx.
I just wanted to give you a quick update! I am letting the weight go now! Wow! It feels good!