Many of my clients come in desperation for help (whether for smoking cessation or other addictions, weight or health problems, relationship issues, or for help to move forward with success.) Often they share that I am their “last resort”, a couple of them having stated that if hypnosis doesn’t work, the next stop is the gun store. Hmm…a bit of pressure there for my best work?

It’s easy to get lost in the daily pressures that come in with us in the “grab bag” of life. Our little side pouch of emotions gives us opportunities to have experiences, and the choice of what to do with them. The choices we make (and those others make for us) become blessings or burdens based on our perspective. A number of years ago,when my life toppled like the blocks in a Jenga game, the entire landscape of my journey, was shaken and scrambled. “New life, new life” echoed through my head, and with that a knowingness “I can now create what I DO want – life by choice rather than by default!”

Is it time for you to surrender- to choose again- this time focusing your energy on positive qualities and intentions? Is it time to let go of being a victim, of being stuck? Choose again Consciously. Then plant that seed of new intention in your heart, in your brain, in your gut, or wherever your body wants to nurture that focused energy as it gets stronger and begins to change you and your life.

You learned as a child that everything has/is energy, water to ice to steam to water… Now learn how to sift through the garbage, the pain, the loss and start to create what you DO want!

Phyllis Barrington

Phyllis Barrington

I ‘tune-in’ to the energy field which assists my clients’ in finding truths to discover blocks & hidden spaces. Using Omni-Force Tools For Life, I guide you on an emotionless journey past your pain & prepare you for re-entry as you release the negative in your life. Register for my Free Online Omni Force Course & Find me on Facebook!