my life purpose

I can’t find my life purpose! This is the frustration that I hear from the great majority of my clients who come for help.

This call for help seems to indicate that they must have missed the orientation class for success on Planet Earth, or they aren’t very good at following directions. The personality that we come into this life with has so much to do with how we approach our journey—whether we drive with our left brain logic or if our GPS is emotion-programmed, and we get lost in our right brain feelings. This affects how successful we are with the paths that we follow in relationships, career, and self development.

Totally using the mind or feelings to guide us is dangerous, and if there is one thing I know, it is that we can’t always trust our feelings by themselves. So, that’s where our Higher Consciousness, or Spirit, comes in.  There is a place within us that has a remembrance of, “I came here for a purpose!” At the deepest level, we know this, but it is easy to listen to that skeptical, fearful voice that tells us we will never find that purpose. Then, confusion magnifies, grows and morphs until we get stuck. We sabotage ourselves, we stress, and we project our issues onto others.

We think of Purpose in terms of lofty goals: (mission field, to help world hunger, world peace, or have great fame). But these can become a weight upon us, because they are just too big and vague.

Wouldn’t it be liberating if my purpose in life was always about doing what we love as we help others – about finding our connection and strengthening that? Could our life purpose be that simple? Specifically meeting everything and everybody in our daily journeys and ventures with that goal in mind. One day at a time and one moment at a time, we can pause, we can breathe, we can ask, “What if my purpose at this very moment is loving what I do (and doing what I love) that is for the greater good of all?”

What if we have confused our purpose and our path? What if our path is a just a maze of our daily journeys and ventures where some days we hit a blank wall (maybe many days), and other days we have success? The possibilities for more success with finances, relationships, stress, addiction, weight, pain and depression are endless — if we ask for help and then listen, listen…and begin walking.

Judgment becomes a heavy burden, so consider acceptance as a worthy replacement, beginning with you. We grow what we focus on, so practice joy, laughter, and love. Try one new thing each week: a new idea, a new food, or a new activity.

If you are unsure of how to start, get some help. Try hypnosis. it is a powerful tool to help you focus within, to be in that place of listening to find the answers that are always available.