Just as we are electrical-physical beings who have physical, mental, and emotional DNA from conception, we are innately creations of spiritual DNA. With the total DNA possibilities being somewhat of a smorgasbord, we activate and accentuate some traits and qualities (based on our environment and positive or negative opportunities). And we hibernate or diminish others based on life experiences and our responses and choices. After all, isn’t our truth, our joy, and our success in life built in huge part based on our perceptions, which are mutable?

“That was then; This is now” and “I choose again” are powerful affirmations for rebooting our lives. Mind over matter …

“I AM” proclamation has vibrational power to charge your body’s electrical circuitry from Divine power source. We were created with access to all Divine positive qualities (we just forgot to reel them in). The following exercise can be used to claim the qualities that we are lacking or praying for, such as – I AM Love, or I AM Strength, or follow-through, or patience, or Perfect Health, or _________________

Our focused intention plugged into God-source brings and holds that vibration in our being. Try it! Choose the I AM Quality that you need, then say aloud, “I AM ___________ “, as you really Feel and See the quality flow through you from top of head through your toes. Repeat 3 cycles. Notice the vibrational change in you! Use this process daily to change your negative feelings or qualities. It really works! (Contact me for my chart and further explanations).