All of the positive changes that you’re going to make start with your self-talk to your body and emotions. For instance, “weight loss” signals to your consciousness an “Oh no!” because you’ve lost your keys, checkbook, notebook, coffee cup… so many things in the past–and your mind and body panicked. Start reprogramming with “weight release” which gives you (and your body, mind) the choice of freedom to let go. That makes an amazing difference when you and your body/mind talk about this and get on the same page!

Start catching yourself as you have negative thoughts or feelings about yourself and your body, and release them before they stick. Isn’t this a “loaner body”,  and don’t you have the same responsibility to honor it that you have to a valued possession? Your body’s trillions of cells, along with your master brain and gut brain all have consciousness, memory, and awareness. So begin to recognize, value, and respect this sacred bodysuit gift that allows you to have experiences by way of that special sidebag of emotions that came in with you. Remember:

  • You grow what you feed
  • Emotions do not eat table food
  • You can create a new reality with healthy thoughts and behaviors
  • When you release the haunting voices in your head, you can hear the melody
  • Self-love is the journey—Weight release is a side-effect