Far Infrared Bed, Sauna Hothouse, Chi Bed

I’m sure you’ve seen advertisements from doctors, hospitals, chiropractors and other health professionals promoting their ‘new’ laser therapy. Did you know that there’s actually nothing ‘new’ about it? It’s been around for a millennium but the alternative health industry is currently attempting to promote and advertise their products, which once remained largely underground or confined to European continents. Most of my clients go to sleep in the FIR Hothouse while listening to soothing music. It’s kind of like a day off!

I have been using the mega-laser for years with astonishing success. What the mega-laser really is: it is a FIR Hothouse much like a tanning bed in looks except you will not be receiving any harmful rays. With farinfrared, you will be receiving the healthy short ultraviolet rays that penetrate two inches or more for deepest tissue healing and better circulation.

Of course, the Japanese and Germans have conducted some of the most extensive research on far infrared medically and have extended the discoveries to improve detoxification and oxygen flow for cell repair.

In addition, much research has already been established for use in dental clinics treating such things as:
• pyorrhea
• gum inflammation
• and tooth pain.

The three essential elements needed to achieve great health are combined in The Far Infrared FIR Hothouse:
     Energy and Oxygen from the Chi Machine meld with Far Infrared Light Therapy from the Hot House. The Far Infrared Bed provides aerobic stimulation, and can allow your body to detox through perspiration, while feeling as though you are sunbathing‚ safely and comfortably under the Far Infrared Rays of the Hot House. It has been well known to promote detoxification, relaxation, ease muscle aches, stiffness, strains, and stimulate local circulation. There is nothing but enjoyment, health and wellness when using the Far Infrared Bed!